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No, afraid not. Sorry.

“If I had only one hour to solve a problem, I would spend up to two-thirds of that hour in attempting to define what the problem is.” Head of the Industrial Engineering Department of Yale University, From The Manufacturing Managers Skills, William H. Markle, 1966.

Unless, you had the courage to spend the time and effort up front to define the problem and.
“What are we even trying to do? Why are we spending so much money on this?” Bet you‘ve heard that one around the office a few million times. I have. I‘ve also said it quite a few times. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Spend the time up front to define the problem, communicate it to the stakeholders, and then keep communicating. Communicate it more. It will keep you on track like nothing else will. I must warn you though, a lot of project sponsors won’t like this question. They don’t know the answer. This article from the Harvard Business Review is one of the best I‘ve seen on this topic. Apply it and things will go much smoother.